NOTE: These are so popular that we have run out of stock.  More are being made in the Bowerbird shop as we speak but they will not be ready for Mothers Day.


The salty sirens are scientists, when they study Great Salt Lake they often find rusty metal at their field sites. Salt can catalyze the redox reaction of the rusting process and we wondered what this chemical reaction would look like if brine shrimp were made of metal. Brine Shrimp are small aquatic invertebrates that thrive in the lake. They are a keystone species, providing a crucial source of food for birds. These salt-rusted shrimp were created by local Salt Lake City artists at Bowerbird Art Studio ( and are ready to adorn your surroundings and remind you of Great Salt Lake. They are ready with an 8 inch or 16 inch stake to decorate your plants.

Salt-Rusted Shrimp on a Stake

Female or male?
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