The Salty Sirens like to celebrate the interesting and sometimes funny parts of our lake.  Now you can share in our wonder with these GSL themed tea towels designed by the fabulous Sky Hatter that are great for the kitchen.  They are even better for drying your feet off after your partner gives you a foot massge:

  • Keep me Wet: If the lake could talk we think this is what she would say.
  • You stink too!: The lake stinks, but you stink more.
  • GSL Weed: AKA pickleweed. Taste some the next time you find it.
  • A package of all three designs, including a discount for your support!


GSL Themed Tea Towels

  • Each towels is a uniform 27" x 27" square made with 130 thread count 100% cotton.  Expertly crafted hems give each towel a tidy, unmistakable quality and durability.  They have a corner loop for convenient storage or hang drying.  These towels are breathable, making it ideal for baking yeast rising recipes. Pre-washed to avoid shrinking.

    Washer and dryer safe.  We recommned prewashing before use to maximize each old-fashioned flour sack kitchen towels absorbency



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