The Salty Sirens are scientists, and when they study brine shrimp all day, this is what their dreams look like! Did you ever wonder about these “sea monkeys?” Brine Shrimp are small aquatic invertebrates that live in Great Salt Lake. They are a keystone species, providing a crucial source of food for birds. Before adult shrimp die from the cold winter temperatures, they release dormant cysts into the lake which hatch in the spring. The cysts are harvested sustainably for aquaculture, which provides an economic boon for the state of Utah.


This soft and dreamy scarf comes in "brine shrimp", "green water" and "GSL at night" colors (if you would like a scarf that is not in our inventory yet please fill out this form and we will email you and arrange details when it arrives).  


Each scarf measures 75"x37" and is made of 100% Polyester. Machine washable.

Brine Shrimp Dreams Scarf

  • Machine wash in cold water.  Line dry.


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